DBT Self Help

It’s easier to be WILLING w this app! – ★★★★★

I resist the daily chore of diary cards. This app is quick and almost fun. I like that its less generic than a paper card because i can personalize it to my particular issues. I also really appreciate how very responsive the developer is to questions and feature requests. Well worth the price.

Fabulous diary card – ★★★★★

I wasn’t really sold on diary cards but my therapist was pushing. This app makes the easy to fill out with explanations available while you are filling out the card. My favorite feature is that you can add behaviors you need to target and remove the behaviors that are not applicable to you. You can also add dbt techniques of your own. Most amazingly, the app designer takes the time to explain how it is set up and is always welcoming suggustions

Super Helpful – ★★★★★

This app has given me a chance to see my skills in action w/o the need of phone coaching. It’s also extremely helpful if your therapist has a 24-hr rule for self-harm. It’s much easier to remember to do my diary card b/c it is always with me!! Love this app & I can’t wait to see what they add next.

While DBT is a treatment best delivered in a therapy setting, one of DBT’s hallmark features is skills generalization. That is, doing therapy and using skills outside of the therapy office or group room. DBT Diary Card and Skills Coach is designed to help you with this skills generalization in a very specific way: through easy access to the skills and what they mean and through a Coaching module built right into the app.

Each DBT skill is described in detail, in understandable language, in a variety of places in the app and on this website. Each skill and target that you add yourself is also available for easy recollection in a variety of ways. You can customize the skills and targets to your liking so that you can make the app yours, for your own distinct understanding of the DBT skills and what you’re working on. You never again need to be without a quick way to access your DBT skills as you and your therapist (if you have one) understand them.

Similarly, we have a built-in coaching module to allow for quick and easy skills use even when you are not able to figure out how to be skillful on your own. While it’s not a substitute for a DBT therapist, it will help you be more mindful about using skills, even if they don’t help every time.

The final piece of the puzzle for this app, or any DBT app you might decide to buy is the app’s support. While we can’t speak for the qualifications of the other app developers, we do know that our app was written, designed and developed by a licensed psychologist with years of experience teaching DBT both to clients and providers. We’re here to help you understand the skills and explain them in case you’re stuck. DBT Diary Card and Skills Coach is the best solution to taking DBT skills on the go.

This app has many of the features in other DBT apps and customizations that are only available here. And it’s backed up by the support of a well-trained and highly skilled DBT psychologist.

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