DBT Diary Card and Skills Coach is the only DBT app designed by a licensed clinical psychologist.

Use the app to help you be more effective with your current treatment or refresh your skills on your own.

Home screen

On this screen, you can access all parts of the app. It's where you launch your daily record keeping, go back to previous days of the week or consult with the DBT reference section to refresh your memory of the skills.

Daily Records

On this screen, you can enter your skills use to both keep track of and remind yourself about the skills you've used. It's where the majority of the work is done.


DBT reference

There are a lot of skills to remember in DBT. Use this section to consult with your digital copy of the skills you've learned. You can also remind yourself of behaviors you're trying to address or make some notes to help you track your week.

Need help? Have a look at our documentation.